Why we love the Canon 5D Mark III

Last year we bought two Canon 5D mark III’s. We’re professional wedding, portrait and commercial photographers taking photos in Swansea, South Wales . Now most people consider wedding photographers to be a singular specialty, but we at Amber Skye Photography disagree. We think to be a great wedding photographer, you have to be good at photographing everything.

Wedding-Photography-at-Sketty Hall-Swansea

On the bride & grooms day, their wedding photographer takes in all variables of photography, the architecture (venue), still life – their made or purchased products (flowers, rings, something borrowed something blue), the countryside (location), portrait and documentary images (reportage photography, candid styles). They all have to be finished well, with split second timing, in a shortened time period and finished right the first time. To this end, we need a camera that does everything excellent first time but still able to carry it round for 8 hours at a time.


We feel the Canon 5d mark iii’s image quality was second to none! Fantastic at low light with an amazing autofocus system which is the best we’ve utilised. All of the AF points work well, they are widely positioned over the border, and it is easy to move the AF points. Working in single or Al servo mode where you can track your moving subject and click in the split second you want to – amazing!
A really good autofocus scheme in a fairly little body, our dreams had been recognized!

There are a couple of other characteristics about the 5D3 that we love. First of all is the quiet shutter mode, instead of making a loud snap, in the silent mode it makes a little tick like a quiet clock and still can snap 6 frames per second. We love it. It is so calm, that I occasionally have persons inquire if I took the image they were waiting for me to take – they can’t discover it. This is a large-scale deal for me. I can take images without people discovering more effortlessly and that is a great thing for me especially in a place of worship photographing a wedding.

Wedding Photography Swansea south wales

The next feature arrives with an admission. We have trouble getting flawlessly directly horizontal lines. This is a most common cause and we have to crop our images so that the horizon is just somewhat off directly across. This has been annoying us for years. Canon has a very cool answer for that. They have made it possible to have grid lines when you look through the camera. They are lined up along the direct rule of thirds, making it so much easier to get the horizon directly. I have found it assists even when I am not thinking about it.

Candid Photography Swansea South Wales

Micro-adjustments is furthermore an unbelievable characteristic. This is certain thing that was introduced a couple of years before on some of Canon’s cameras. They pair the Auto focus system to work best with each lens you own. Every lens appears to be just off of being flawlessly modified which can outcome in either costs to have it flawlessly adjusted, or somewhat off-focus images. The 5D3 is our first camera with this characteristic. While the results are inclined to be subtle, it is noticeably better aim accuracy.

Finally, my final feature that I am going to converse about is weatherproofing. We reside in the Gower Peninsula, Swansea, South Wales. If you haven’t heard, it rains here nearly all the time. We used to have raincoats for our gear and it was stressful to take it out in the rainfall, but now, not as much. we know that the 5D mark III can handle it.

This Camera is great in any lighting situation, even at ISO 12,800. At high ISO the 5D3 has very low disturbance characteristics. The disturbance is furthermore grainy like sandpaper (which is what you want) rather than patterned, blotchy or tadpole formed. We shoot in RAW and use Photoshop to tweak and that will make a difference in what you glimpse. In the daylight, it still rocks.

So what don’t we like about the 5D3. Hmmmm…much harder to note.

We wish the camera was a bit lighter. I love the way it is constructed, amour plated to the max but every kilogram counts when you are holding it for 8-12 hours at a time.

We wish the files were more compact 35mb per image is large but we love the detail and the calibre of the files, but we dislike the way it consumes our hard drives small spaces. The massive file dimensions compelled us to buy faster computers and more and more hard drives.. So, fundamentally the cost is not just with the cameras.


Our deduction’s with the Canon 5D3’s.

It is the best camera for us that I have ever utilised. It does everything well. It has no genuine flaws. There is no position that I feel like another camera is needed. We can do everything from wedding photography, in-studio, portraits, reduced low light reportage wedding photography, fast action sports photography, or any thing else that we can think of. Occasionally a specialized camera might be better for some things, but no other camera that I would select for firing a wide-ranging and every-moving event like a wedding in the Gower, Swansea, South Wales. The Canon 5D3 is the supreme jack-of-all-trades while being excellent at all of them. Kind of like what we try to do with our photography. We can’t believe of any thing else that we would want in a camera at anytime in the future, although, I’m certain the camera businesses will do something to make me desire something new soon!

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